More nonsense from Professional Mariner's Maritime Career pare

Maritime industry looking for solutions to shortages of qualified crew

Obviously this was written before the price of oil hit $40bbl and right when our wonderful megabanks F’d the US economy.

Still I don’t believe these companies when they claim dire shortage…they are just too damned picky.

I’ve got a MOTV endorsement with an unlimited master and I couldn’t even get considered for mate on a large ATB because I don’t have a PIC. How hard would it be for a company to hire me, get me on their barges as an observer until I got the few transfers required? The whole thing could be done in a month but they don’t want to pay to train!

Why do you even read that magazine? Their articles are garbage and their new website is clearly a copy of gCaptain with substandard content.

I ended my subscription years ago.

Just picked it that tidbit up from their online content…

I agree with you about PM being filled with puff pieces and not worth reading a copy unless it’s for free.

Yeah, I always keep a free copy around in the head. But only when the Steward screws up the TP order :wink:

And hey, It’s much better than the press release garbage put out by Maritime Reporter and Marine Log.

The real pickle about needing to be PIC is slowly being addressed. You either start out on tankers as a cadet/AB and bump up, or you go out as an AB for a short stint to get the loads and discharges. AMO has some sort of observer programs, but that’s mostly for LNG ships.

I understand that they don’t want observers. That costs money. The owners never want to exceed the COI minimum and even try to get that cut every chance they get.

It will only change when they have to take the ship off charter because of a lack of officers which will cost them even more money.

What gets me about the ATB’s is why would they need a MOTV at all? Unless I’m mis-informed, the tug w/o barge is inherently unstable and only gets pulled in the yard. Please correct me if I’m wrong about that.