More charges in the REC test fixing case

Fuck cheaters


No surprise that this happened in Louisiana.


yea, i always wished I could get tested down south … Hawaii wasn’t too bad!

Really is easier to study.


Ok I get the Fuck cheaters. That was my attitude too until this latest list came out. My heart sank when I saw the name of one of my past fellow crewmembers included. He was one of the most pleasant and gentlemanly crew I have had in a long time. I would not have expected this from him and I am trying to wrap my head around it. I realize he shit in his own nest and has to sit in it but what’s bothering me is how this was offered. Anybody know the exact scheme? Was this offered to those struggling to pass or was it pursued by the Mariners themselves? I can kind of see this as a ray of hope for those struggling to pass and definitely should have been declined but if this was put out in front of people that would see this as their only hope and like him only has a few years left to put away money for retirement this would be almost too tempting. Hope the judge goes easy on him. I wish looters would get the same amount of jail time as it looks like these folks could potentially get.

Fuck the cheaters.

Shoot first and ask questions later.

The test proves that you are capable of critical thinking and to be honest if you really wanted to game the system you could pass 4 fail 2 then retake the two modules pass one of the modules then retake the last one so 4-1-1 if you REALLY NEED TO.

You put people life’s at risk. Not in the way of tests you will not use most of what you learn and if you do use it you can call on your note pad that has the formulas or the way to do something written down not something you have to memorize.

If you are willing to take a shortcut like that what other shortcuts on the bridge are you willing to also take?


Suppose the cheating involved doctors, airline pilots, nuclear plant operators.
No excuse for cheating.


Two more guilty pleas.