MMP & AMO Companies

I’ve worked both. Here are my opinions.

I preference AMO as it tends to have more permanent crew where people stay on same ship for several trips. You form a bond with your shipmates more so then with MMP. With MMP your constantly getting new mates and different engineers (since most mmp boats are meba). Ships tend to be a little better maintained with AMO since you don’t have the “i’m just here for one trip” mentality.

On the flip side if you want to jump from ship to ship then MMP Is the place to be. Just Remember with MMP you have to live close to a hall, unless you don’t mind spending days of your vacation sitting in hotel rooms…

As for pay, I tell everyone that the difference in contacts isn’t life changing. You tend to be able to move up quicker in AMO and Star Center is Way better then MITAGS.

I would highly recommend the MEBA cadet program next summer if you can get in. They have had mates attend in the past. You will receive gov certs and be will on your way to a 3m job with mmp on the watson class vessels. Shoot me a message if you want more info. I graduated maine about 20 years ago.

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There should be no arguement as to which union to join. We as an industry are toosmall to support 5 major seafaring unions. There should be one union( national Maritime Union) for lack of a better name with 2 divisions one licensed and one unlicensed with all the associated overhead consolidated onto one operation, one training school and one voice
Going before congress to express
Our view on issues that matter to us. Not multiple talking heads representing a few thousand mariners. We need support all the various industries that support our operations instead of complaining about shipyards or industrial supply base capabilities.
I know this went a little off topic but really… why are we supporting all of this overhead with our limited resources.


MM&P folks-

Would it be possible to join the union and alternate between working out of the hall and taking other (non union) work?

Before you accept full membership and as long as you self report other work which will adjust your card age (very few do), yes this is possible.

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