Mmc applicant with a few misdemeanor convictions including simple assault


Nope not yet ive decided to wait a few more months before turning everything in…have you heard anything yet?


Twic so far, haven’t done MMC.
Seen any jobs yet with just the twic?


Well, you can always head out on inland tugs, deckhands need not have MMCs. Just be ready to bust ass wrangling wires.


I worked cleaning oil out of barge tanks for awhile in SE Texas.
Don’t even need TWIC but it helps


Every inland tug company ive talked to said i needed an MMC


Ima be pissed if they give me a 5 year assessment period…ill keep you guys updated and let u know how it turns out


Mike1993 I know a ton of inland tugs that Dont require an nmc. In fact I was the only deckhand at my company that had one at one point. TWIC and you were all good.


Hey SeaMonkey, know any in California?


I was initially denied for charges I won’t specify(pm me if you’d like). A letter from a licensed counselor as well as a couple character references and I was able to receive my MMC. The coast guard issued me what was called a “Proof of Current”.