MMA Welcomes Cadets From China

Nine students from the Shanghai Maritime University in China will arrive at Massachusetts Maritime Academy on Taylors Point on Thursday, Feb. 26.

The students will wear their Shanghai Maritime uniforms while enrolled in the MMA student regiment during the spring semester.

MMA students, as part of the exchange program set up with the largest maritime-training institution in China, will study in Shanghai during the spring semester of 2010.

The program was established by MMA Adm. Richard Gurnon, academy president, and MMA trustee Paul Kelly, who is fluent in Chinese.

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yep so far the exchange students seem to be alittle bit quite and keep to them selves but hopefully they come out of there shell once classes start other than that its great to have the at the academy with us.

Are the Al’s still there?

ahh i dont get what you mean by Al’s but the cadet are here for the whole spring.

You know they keep to themselves because they have not mastered English yet…
In any case, it was great having them last year, hope they’re as open to learn as last years

I hope they teach spelling and grammar at the Academy…for the American Cadets…