MM&P Boston Job Opportunities

I have recently been laid off and am looking to join MMP with my 3rd mate license. I live near the Boston hall. If pay the $500 initiation fee and go every day until something pops up on the board how long before something comes up? Is the Boston hall active?

Thank you in advance.

I’ve always heard Boston exists to service the many senior members who live in New England for their vacation benefits and such. I do not think many jobs come directly into Boston. You can compete nationally for fly outs though. That makes the prospects of winning a job a little more difficult though. I’ve never stepped foot in that hall though, so I may be just talking out of my ass

It shares the hall with MEBA, so you can go and talk to both unions. Boston doesn’t have much shipping come through, more of a clearing/benefits hall for the new england members of the unions as @DamnYankee says.

If it anything like MEBA there ain’t squat outta Boston. NY, Houston, LA, SF is probably your best bet. Like said earlier use the Boston hall to get info, pay dues but then head to another hall

Thanks for the reply’s guys!!

I think I’ll make the trip up to Boston hall on Monday and join. Once I join can I fly to say Houston and sit in that hall and put my card in because that hall is more active? How does that work?