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There will never be peace on earth until people understand each other!

That’s true. But how are we going to make the whole world speak Norwegian?

PS> If they did we wouldn’t need Google Translator


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Oh. . .well, then. . . .

Bookstore shelf arranged by somebody with a sense of humor:

Book title translation:
Top: Surrounded by idiots!!
Below: Surrounded by Psychopaths!!
Left and right: (No translation needed)

Another in Norwegian:


  • I’m Antivaxxer.
  • Cool!!

Not a cartoon but a real live person:

For those who think that refugees and asylum seekers are just burden, not a resource:

This is Nadia Nadim. She was born in Afghanistan. Her father was murdered by the Taliban when she was 11 years old and her family fled to Denmark on the back of a truck.
Nadia has scored almost 200 goals in professional football and represented the Danish national team 98 times.
She’s completed medical school and is studying to become a reconstructive surgeon when her playing days are over.
She speaks 11 languages fluently and is on the Forbes list of Most Powerful Women in International Sports.
If you want to show your daughter a role model, show her Nadia Nadim…
not the Kardashians.


Just a reminder…
Many children are losing the best and most developmental years of their life to screens :pensive:

Expert-level disabled ramp of the week:

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For the math minded:

Looking at the picture is more 7/16" - 10 cents = 10 mm

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Lesson learnt;

There is NEVER enough time to do the things you want to do in life.

Marvin Halleraker, cartoonist in Aftenposten, has made a “Hitler-Putin” cartoon inspired by Chaplin’s “The Dictator”; Hynkel, who played with the globe and dreamed of becoming a world ruler.

Best gift for seamen? Socks:

So they can finally throw away the note with;
Right = Starboard
Left = Port

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