Minimum license for DPO

Hey y’all. Anyone out there know what the minimum license you need to hold to take your advanced DP class is? I know the old rules didn’t have a license requirement, but they have since changed. Shoot me ya knowledge guys.

Go to the Nautical Institute website ( I think). It is there and gives different scenarios for if you already took the basic DPO course, etc… There is also a lot of other good information at the site.

Good Luck!

Yeah I found it, I was just curious. It doesn’t pertain to me, but it seems like every change that happens either is a myth or severely obscure. Haha anyways smooth sailing gents.

STCW II/1, II/2 or II/3

No US license necessary and the level of it doesn’t matter, all that matters is the above stcw code.

That is why I always try and find the reference instead of relying on rumor and innuendo.