Military Sealift Command Salary Info

Can someone explain the salary breakdown and what to actually expect with overtime at MSC…especially the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Assistant positions? I see base salary for 1st Assistant from $82k to $127k. What would be a realistic actual yearly salary, and how does it work if you don’t have a relief when it is your time to be discharged? Thanks ahead of time!

Realistic for 1st A/E is Fed employee pay cap, varies but I would say 225k
2nd AE 200k, but probably working more hours for it
3rd AE 130k
10% bonus on all positions.

You will not have a relief when its time to be discharged (4 months later). You will stay onboard working at $25 per day premium that increases to $50 at day 50 (forget the exact number). Or you can 107, go Non-fit for duty and get off that way. The office will be pissed if you 107 a lot especially as a 1st/2nd.