Mercy ship's Global Mercy almost ready for delivery


Nice. They do wonderful work.

No, it’s not a spaceship — this is the bridge of the brand new ship, the GLOBAL MERCY! At this nautical helm, our maritime volunteers will navigate the vessel to each host nation so that we can provide surgical care and training. Will you be one of our seafarer crew? Apply today at Volunteer Opportunities

Any takers here???

You forgot to add “and willing to pay for the privilege of volunteering.”


Cavo and Bug, some do get paid. Some engineers my son went to school with sailed on the “Original” Mercy ships. They weren’t volunteers. Can’t speak for the rest of the crew or medical positions, but a damn good ,needed service to the people that need help in a disaster. One of the few humanitarian things USA is doing right.

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To paraphrase: If you can’t afford it, don’t volunteer.

Thanks heaven, there are still some people around isn’t all about money

Or there’s enough people that have made enough money they can afford to work for free or for a price.

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Or that need sea time in a higher capacity than they are currently working.


The GLOBAL MERCY inbound for Antwerp navigating the Westerschelde.
Photo: Wim Kosten (c)

Have you volunteered?

If you have several thousand to burn to pay to volunteer, yeh it looks cool. That being said, nobody here is gonna do it, especially ombugge.

I could do that, since I’m getting my pension paid to the bank every month.
At my age they probably would not want me anyhow.

That’s true, but if you had $5-$10 to spare a month from that pension they’d gladly accept it. Every little bit helps. Here are 3 of my favorites. @Slick_cam1 shouldn’t bet money on that “no one here will or has volunteered” claim.

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It was a sarcastic comment about slacktivists, big homie. Some of them even post here.

I’ve deployed to disaster zones as a volunteer. I’m still not paying thousands to volunteer.


It would be a bit of stretch for me to be off my paying jobs as it is without me PAYING them. That is just me.

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