Memorial Day

The day we set aside to honor our war dead, and while most people in the U.S. are getting drunk, or taking in sales, a few of us take the time to remember.

And while our local VFW and American Legion chapters put flags on headstones, let’s take a moment for those war dead who don’t have headstones, their graves are the Ocean, and let us also remember those who dint go to war from military bases under legal threat if they refused, but those who volunteered, again and again, those who could have quit the wars whenever they wanted, those who went to war from their Union Halls.

maligned, and scorned they none the less made job call after job call, went to ships that often took them to a watery grave.

When we discuss Honor, patriotism, and courage, remember that Merchant Mariners stand at the top of the list.



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