Medical Marijuana


““I have worked on dinner cruises and have had to tell people to put the pot away as it is a Coast Guard inspected vessel and company policy dictates prohibited use of drugs on their vessels.””

You bring up a different topic too. How about if there are passengers who are carrying concealed weapons aboard. You find out. What do you do? These people are licensed, and have the right to carry concealed! Do you tell them to give you their gun? Should they? Will they?? Does a public conveyance have the ability to enforce these rules? Or do these “no weapons, drugs, alcohol” stickers only apply to crew? Tell the local cop who comes aboard that ‘weapons are NOT allowed aboard your vessel.’ See how far that goes!

I think you are confusing COMPANY policy with Federal laws. Do you know that it is actually NOT illegal for alcohol to be aboard vessels, and the crew CAN consume alcohol when off watch? But the crew MUST be not under the influence when assuming watch! Or have consumed for 4 hours prior to going on watch!

So if it IS legal, but a company has forbidden it, it is a different topic.

Regarding the 420. Next time you go to a rock concert, and there is a little 420 use around you, are supposed to jump up and do a ‘citizen’s arrest’ of everyone lighting up? Next time on a dinner cruise you hear two guys discussing how they evaded taxes on their return should you drop a dime on them? When you are driving down the road and you observe someone change lanes without using their blinker should you report it?
I know a ferry company here that has forbidden smoking anywhere on their vessels. inside, outside, anywhere. State law demands on ‘public carriage’ vessels that smoking is forbidden state wide. Then I could see the point of going up to the guy and saying: “put it out, smoking ANYTHING is forbidden”


What if someone decides to use their oil pen (thats contracted from weed). If they smoked that in their room on the ship during their off time , would it be a problem then ? I’m asking because I do use marijuana for medical purposes(even though you might not think its true that weed can help people medically but it does for me because of a car accident i was in in 2017 that broke parts of my back and made me have to put a rod in my thigh…any amount of rain, cold weather… takes those areas into extreme nerve pain that I know you’ll say can be cured by pain killers but I promise you I’m immune to all of it ever since I was a kid…Some people might be able to live with the pain but mine causes me anxiety that only makes me so uncomfortable that i start to have a bad energy that people pick up easily) & i don’t want it to stop me from landing a career i’ve always wanted. I know its not legal federally but if its not enforced on the vessel / 2nd hand smoke will never test positive on a drug test, is it really that bad to do it when you’re alone or even when you go ashore in other countries & smoke with locals ? I’m asking because i get where you all are coming from, I just wish there was an exception especially since cigarette smoking is allowed (even though cigarettes are legal federally…lol).


Did you really join to ask that, might be legal some places might have a medical card or whatever . But a company policy is a company policy .


I’m not one to judge and whatever someone does with their time off the vessel is their business.

Now on the vessel, we are all adults and people are going to do what they are going to do for whatever reasons they have. Some get away with it and some don’t. No sense in arguing with the consequences, because under the federal jurisdiction we are in its a moot point. Zero tolerance is zero tolerance.


Maybe this industry isn’t for you.


I live and work in Canada. Weed? It’s legal here. Smoke it eat take your pick. I don’t know what oil is. Even so, I would be surprised if Trudeau has a problem with it.
Booze is legal here to.

No random testing here,

Driving ships, planes, trains, automobiles or operating machinery under the influence of anything is ileagle.

Company has zero tolerance. Strong union environment.

Use in your time off away from the vessel. You might be lucky and get to go through rehab.
Use it on board and you will be gone. Simple no ifs. Gone.

Passengers. Quite simple work safety. no smoking allowed. Minimum 6m from any door, window or ventilation. Applies to all varieties of smoking.

I’ve spent the last fifty odd years having to put up with 2nd hand smoke.
I like the new smoke free world.
If your a smoker, vaper I don’t give a rats ass if it’s leagal or what you smoke. Not on board if you don’t like it. Tough.