Medical Leave - What Law Applies and General Policy

Hoping some folks can offer insight…

I have a non-work related joint injury. It does not prevent me from working but I’m tired of being in constant pain.

I will need to miss work for six months for surgery and rehab. I will return with fully fit for duty and will actually be in better shape than I am now. I won’t be getting any new “parts”.

All I want from my employer is for my medical benefits to continue and to hold my job until I return.

As a mariner, am I covered under the Family and Medical Leave Act or does the Jones Act apply?

I don’t want to disclose who I work for but I will say it is a large multiple-state towing company based on the East Coast that is pretty “humane”, all things considered.

Does anyone have experience with this type of situation and trying to work with a towing company to retain your job?