Matsonia - Hull Cracks & Oil Spills From El Faro’s 46 Year Old Sister Ship


Yeah right . And the crew have time to enter the double bottom tanks after complying with HR and inspect the bottom plates for deformation.


A amazing crew can polish a turd for a long time.


A brilliant contribution by an obvious expert at turd polishing. Thanks for that effort.


You’re new here so I’ll set you straight. The Norwegians on the forum piss on everything American and then tell us it’s raining. Welcome to thunder dome!


Thanks, bud. Yea, another pathetic Troll desperately looking for attention.


A good number of FPSO’s operating today started their lives as tankers. Many of those tankers date back to the 70’s and 80’s.


Easy now, Kraken is the decent one. And after all aren’t we all turd polishers? My present turd is over 40 years old and not US flag. It’s flagged in one European nation, operated from a second one and the owners are based in a third. Sometimes the turd is of high quality and deserving of a fine japan finish and all your skill, other times it’s purely a simonize project. When I’m done polishing I’m sure there will not be an American taking my place. So polish on while you can boys. And of course you girls too.


Let me set you straight. It is not that two Norwegians piss on everything American, but that Americans gets very upset when ANY foreigner points out that not all that you have been told since young about American exceptionalism, or superiority of everything American is entirely true.

That includes that American ships are better built, better manned and have to comply with more stringent rules and regulations than foreign ships. (Many more silly rules though)

Nor is it true that American seafarers are better educated and more competent than others.

It is also not true that all foreign ships are manned by inferiour villagers from "sh*thole 3rd world countries, lacking in education and skills to do their job. >95% of ships sailing around in the world wasn’t built in America, doesn’t have any American machinery and equipment on board and does not have a single American crew member. Yet their safety record and performance are better than that of American ships.

It may feel good to piss on all foreigners, but I’m not sure if anybody on this forum ACTUALLY believe in all these things.

To be told by non-Americans that it is all lies, especially if backed up by facts, probably hurts though.


I rest my case


Enjoy your rest, it is well deserved.


As a Brit reading and enjoying this site I must admit that I also come away with an impression similar to that of Ombugg - to some people (but not all by any means) everything in the USofA is wonderful and the rest of the world is pretty crap.


I am neither an American exceptionalist nor an American apologist. I’ve seen enough of the world outside it’s borders to know that there are places with their pluses as well as those with their minuses. I was merely explaining to a new member what they will surely find out for themselves if they read old threads.


now it’s the Turdburger’s turn to completely miss the point

notice how he utterly fails to mention that there is a ship being built at this very moment to replace the MATSONIA? As far as he is concerned there are absolutely ZERO yards in the USA which can and which do actually build merchant ships. According to him ALL went out of business because of the Jones Act!

What an ASS!


Typical for him. Pasha is having two built in Brownsville now, too.


Well, it’s a blog, not an actual news story (although that distinction seems to be lost more and more these days). Regardless the guy misses the point on many issues.


He seems to have marketed himself as a big fish in a very small pond but not many readers recognize the difference between self aggrandizement and subject matter expertise.


How about big TURD in a small bowl?


I think Workboat needs a new owner with a maritime background. Workboat really discredits itself and offends it’s advertisers by giving this know nothing wingnut a platform.


But, but but … he’s a captain, a master and commander, a nautical superstar. At least that is what he says he is and Workboat must be impressed.


which just goes to show that Workboat is a meaningless rag run by people who aren’t mariners and don’t know ships from their arses vis their esteemed editor in chief who has never worked on a commercial vessel in any trade anywhere. No wonder he is impressed with the TURD.