Mate of Tow upgrade questions

Hey guys,
I have a 3/M Unlimited upon oceans. I completed my TOAR and have the sea time on Inland and Near coastal waters, but no sea time on oceans tow vessels. Can my oceans endorsement transfer towards a MOT Oceans? Or will I just be eligible for Inland/NC?

from the checklist:

May operate towing vessels within any restrictions on their endorsement if they
have: 1. 30 days of training & observation on towing vessels on a particular route;
AND 2. Either hold a completed TOAR OR complete an approved course.

So you would need 30 days of training and observation on an Oceans route.

No. Your towing endorsement will be for the route your towing vessel service was on.

Your sea service on near coastal waters will likely be written as “upon oceans” so you should be good. There’s no practical difference between “breast coastal” and “oceans” routes once your out of sight of land anyway.