Master OSV 3000 upgrade to 6000 or 10000

Wow you guys really hate bayou people


Who went from Master OSV to Master unlimited

Some guy in one of the recent threads. He was probably a troll just stirring things up, but I would not put any type of screw up past the NMC. NMC screws everything else up, so why wouldn’t NMC give away unlimited Master to some guy with Master OSV? We’ll never know.

All I know is that NMC is a failed program that must be replaced.

Yea they do need to be replaced. My relief on here got a Master 1600 oceans and applied for 3rd mate oceans and it was given to him with no testing he held a mate since 97 just got a master 1600 in 2011 with limited exam. I thought he would have to take a full exam being he tested back in 97 but they gave it to him no questions asked.
The sad part is that he can’t even dock the boat and his hands shake when he tries.

What makes you think we hate bayou people?

Like what? Not wanting someone to get a license they didn’t earn?

Boat handling skills are low on the priority list of what constitutes a Master Mariner.

How do you know they don’t talk or act like me out anyone else here? You don’t know where we’re from or where they’re from…

Who’s trying to make anyone look bad?

The guy you talking about who went from Master OSV to Master Unlimited his name is Bruce he works for chouest he went to suny maritime he is from marrero Louisiana and he still has an open letter to test for master unlimited oceans his evaluator is a D***k . How he got that I don’t know but your right he don’t need that .

I applied for renewal and had the same evaluator and was denied lack of Seatime he said .

I don’t care where he’s from, where he went to school, or if he went to school.

Getting approved to test isn’t getting Master Unlimited. Did he get approved to test or was he given it without testing like he claims?

Yea he got the license and he has the letter

So they approved him to test and sent the letter then said “fuck the required exam, here’s the license” and issued it without him taking the tests?

Yeah, why does he have an approval to test letter if he’s got the license??? Wait… did he get both STCW and National endorsements for Master Unlimited in the new license? Or is the approval to test for his National Endorsement?

I guess but his letter is still valid and I would not believe it but I’ve seen his license and looked it up on the credential verification

Yes, they should have required a test. I’m not even sure how he got master with only a limited exam but going to mate unlimited definitely should have required testing.

Let the screams of agony commence…

What specifically are you pointing out?

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That USCG has officially put out a termination date for Large OSV “Special Training Programs.” All persons seeking an endorsement under that system must be received by NMC by December 31st.

Well, he should not have gotten the license without testing. That’s the truth of the matter, and they WILL catch him…even if it isn’t until it’s time for him to renew. But they will.

We can hope, but it’s doubtful.

Yeah, that’s been known for years. As of this past January they were effectively stopped from using those programs because of the requirement to qualify under STCW.

I know several people that have been for various things. Honest mistakes happen, and this is pretty much what goes down when discovered: What happens is they “red flag” your credential, and a legal instruments examiner contacts you. You can’t renew or upgrade until you meets the requirements. If you can’t within a time frame or your credential expires beforehand, you’re screwed.

That is what happens if NMC messes up, if you try and pull a fast one, well… good luck.

Holding an approval letter to test kind of tells me he knows he should test. I suggest he test, before he is found out. If in fact, he even got issued without testing.