Master aboard the T/V Kings Pointer

Just opened today and closes 02/07/2019

Open to U.S. Citizens

Announcement number


This position is located in the Department of Waterfront Operations and Training, United States Merchant Marine Academy (USMMA), Maritime Administration (MARAD). This position is established to exercise overall command of the vessel with full responsibility for all matters pertaining to management of the vessel, operations, supervision of the crew, safe navigation, physical security, and safety.

Calling c.captain. This one’s for you. $129,000 a year plus benefits.

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Right in the belly of the beast at his favorite place on earth. He can take it down from the inside!

I think I hear Ozzie’s “I’m coming home” playing somewhere…


OH MY FUCKING GOD! For that kind of money I just might apply and would bring the DAUNTLESS with me as part of the bargain. KP would then have two YP’s for the little pencilneck Poindexters to play with

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