Mass. Maritime Removing Nautical Items from Campus, Sign of the End of License Majors?

It was recently brought to my attention by a friend that Mass. Maritime has begun removing the iconic nautical statues and other various items around campus? For those familiar with the campus, I’m specifically referring to the Merchant Mariner statue located outside of 1st and 3rd Companies (was told it was moved to Battleship Cove, not destroyed), as well as the red and green buoys and the anchors around campus as well. As far as I’m aware, everything besides the Merchant Marine Memorial located on the canal side is being removed.

Is this a push by the school to move further away from the license track majors? Based on the recent commercials there seems to be a big movement towards marketing the leadership aspect of the school (“The Commonwealth’s Leadership University”) instead of there being any regard for the school’s history as one of the best Maritime Colleges.

If this is the case, before it’s too late I would like to start a petition to bring attention to preserving the license track majors and trying to get the school to pay more homage to the school’s roots, the entire reason the school was founded in the first place.


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There’s been some concern about issues like this in the Alumni Association. If you haven’t noticed they changed the schools logo, removing the ships wheel.

Have you reached out to anyone in the alumni association about this?

Hadn’t even thought to to be honest just got this news today, been sailing for the last few months. I’ll reach out to them now!