Mass Maritime Raising Tuition

The cost of a Massachusetts Maritime Academy education will rise next year, according to Adm. Richard Gurnon, president of the college.

Yesterday, trustees unanimously voted to raise in-state costs of attending the school by 5 percent, which means next year the cost for tuition, fees, room and board will be $13,452, Gurnon said.

Out-of-state costs will rise from $29,396 per year to $30,745.

The increase is part of the college’s five-year plan, and will generate $600,000 to help offset a $3 million budget gap resulting from state cuts, Gurnon said.

The remainder of the shortfall will be made up from the college’s rainy day fund and $1.4 million in cuts, not filling vacant positions and pay freezes, Gurnon said. Read More…

Not unexpected really. I went back there for the 1st time last year and the place has expanded the dorms and is packed. There are a lot more cadets there then when I was in school in the mid to late 90’s. Still, at $13K, its a great deal for a college education that will give you a great job right out of school.

I hope those jobs are still out there when I get out of here…