Martin's Boat - Grand Canyon Dories fleet

It’s a bit long at 23 minutes but it’s good. Some wild white water action in the documentary. At 3:05 for a sample.




Many thanks for posting it. Very moving to watch. I was gobsmacked at the south rim three decades ago, and can’t imagine the river trip.

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For a long time I wanted to kayak the Grand Canyon, but the wait for a private permit is obscene. Now, my skills have declined, and my personal safety margin has increased, so it’s not likely. I can’t (yet) see myself as a passenger on a raft, and riding the support raft through the bigger rapids seems like cheating.

An enthralling read including the first navigation of Grand Canyon.

A River Running West


jdcavo, Private trips are not longer on a wait list basis. It is a yearly lottery.
On the skill side, only you can decide.

Either way, the canyon is a beautiful place to visit. Even as a passenger. Just don’t take a motor trip.

I’m very aware of that, and that the system change around 2005.

I was referring to how long you will wait before getting a permit, either in the past under the wait list system, or for your number to come up in the lottery. I waited 10 years before the system changed from wait list to lottery put in for lottery close to 10 times after. So in my case I waited close to 20 years and got nothing.

oof, that’s some bad lottery luck.

I do hope you get to make the trip some time. I have done 2 private trips, it’s an incredible place.