Maritime vs Aviation Technology

Sounds a bit of hangar flying. ATC’s digital radar doesn’t show weather to any great degree, certainly not well enough to tell if your are flying into a cell. The type of weather that breeds tornadoes has a very distinct pattern of development and display on weather radar that triggers every kind of SIGMET and advisory known. If you could see black ahead it means it was daylight and a windshield full of black was a good hint that things might get ugly in a hurry. The recent spate of inflight breakups shows what happens to pilots who don’t know what they are doing and/or don’t have real radar on the airplane instead of 20 minute old weather on the Garmin.

“Learning from” and “replacing with” are two VERY different things,

Garmin…many years in the future…

I watched the freaking tornado wreck stuff on the news in the FBO after I landed, it was quite real.

At the end of the day it will come down to data sharing, and that will always be the issue with maritime, too many data silos, from Flag, Class, Operators, Charteters, Owners, etc.

They are trying something similar with cars
Hard to believe the testing is live risking other humans, where’s the gov in all this?

Only way the car thing will work is all cars have it on and all cars talk to each other.
Cant have some of one and some of the other, imagine the skyways with that, ahhhh

Or have separate lanes on the freeway for cars with it, like the HOV lane on I95 in northern Virginia.

I love that lane. Even better on 267

Feh. I was not a fan when I was commuting between NoVa and NMC. $20+ to go 10 miles. Only time I appreciate it is to/from Dulles at rush hour.