Maritime Security Companies Offering Anti-Piracy Services

Just spent the last 3 hours using the Google machine trying to find companies that specialize in piracy suppression or at least deal with it.
I know of Background Risk Solutions in Singapore and thats it.
Can someone shed some light on the various companies that are out there in particular SE Asia.


International Ships Support Group or ISSG Based in the Philippines.
other than this and Background risk Solutions in Singapore, I am unaware of any others in S.E. Asia. Most companies are in the UK or US

the company formerly known as Blackwater Worldwide announced in December a new service providing protection against piracy for shipowners…nothing has been heard since however

the WSJ article can be found here

I’ve dealt with these folks over the years, and have to say they are about as professional as you can get - from the training provided to the ship’s crew, to the response plans they provide.

SecureWest International - From the UK, to Diego Garcia, if you want them, they’ll be there.

Blackwater is over there. I was offered a possible OS position, but declined the OS position. OS pay was 185/day… AB was $250, Master was $385/day according to the listing at the time.

Blackwater is out now. They have discontinued all private security service and changed their name to XE. They are only engaged in training now. If you join Linkedin, and a group called Combating Piracy 09, you will find many companies that are engaged in counter piracy.

We have done a lot of research on this for the blog and the best solution provider by far is Global Rescue.

Ted Muhlner is our contact over there and he can be reached at 617-459-4208.

Here is their website, although their anti-piracy ops are not advertised online.

We highly recommend their services and they are global.

As a company, we have just completed signing an agreement with Kneeland Security Risk management d.o.o. After disclosing our complete operational plan to them under a non-disclosure agreement, they confirmed, our ship protection plan is the best they have ever seen in the maritime industry. yes, I have to plug our company on this one, since we do not use firearms but we know that we are the most cost effective and operationally effective company in the maritime industry today.

Here is another company for you.

Here’s another:

Maritime & Underwater Security Consultants ( ) are also another player. They are an approved Recognised Security Organisation (RSO) and unlike some other companies have been around for over 30 years. Hope this helps.

I’ve heard of these folks…

Hello all, new to the forums here. I’m glad to see like minded individuals thinking about dealing with this issue together.

first I want to say, that I dont have formal security training in the maritime area, my security expertise is closed protection and transportation of people. I do have a skill set that ranges from paramedicine to combat operations to more clandestine oreinted avenues.

I would like to apply my self to something a little larger then protecting the top 20% of society. I see the need for these counter piracy companies, and I see the risk, not only to life and economies, but to the enviroment. This is why I feel that I should be involving my skill set and abilities to this cause. The thing is that I am finding, every one and their dog has starting a security business for this cause, and its getting saturated with bullocks, ego and secrecy. Not to mention that there is no one to train, licence and regulate this new industry.

My wonder is: what do I need to possess to be able to offer my services?
what do I need to learn or demonstrate so that I can work on these vessels. As a temporary crew member or security officer/specialist.

Any imput is welcome.

Welcome to the forum and hoe you will enjoy.

You have brought up a few good points and I can give you some opinions based on experience in the field of maritime security.

You are correct that there currently is no mechanism in place for regulating the industry, and I don’t think you will see that, at least not any time soon. This industry is a bit unique in the fact that you are transiting in international waters, with many different flagged vessels, to many different international ports, with security companies from many countries. The matter of regulating this is difficult at best.

When it comes to qualifications, each security company will have their own qualifications they seek for their team members. In my opinion, there is no need to be the super soldier to work in this industry. You will see a lot of companies advertising massive qualifications for all their men. that seems to be a bit overboard. However, there have been a lot working in the sand box that have moved to maritime.

There is also a lot of secrecy as you have pointed out, but some of us actually work well together. As a matter of fact, I have a team on a plane now, that will meet up with teams from two other companies and they will all work together on this particular transit. This is a positive thing to me, because we need to have a working relationship with some of the other companies to maximize effectiveness in the field. there is enough work out there for a number of good companies to share.

there are a lot of companies that outright refuse to even speak with other service providers, and in my opinion, they are losing great contacts and future support when needed.

When it comes to hiring team members, the first CV’s I throw in the trash are the ‘ego’ CV’s as I call them. the last thing we need is egotistic, trigger happy hacks. we actually have team members from 6 different countries right now and all of the guys are great. Professionalism is the key and working together as a team without the ego.

Sounds like you have the right mindset and background to get into the work.

I’ve been more and more interested in moving into the Maritime Security Industry using my trade but unless there are companies that actually need licensed mates to operate private security vessels I think I may be stuck on the transportation side of the industry. Although if anyone has any suggestions I be happy to hear them :).

We provide both Armed embarked boarding teams, as well as Armed escort vessels.

Best thing about our service is that we use the YEMEN NAVY as our provider - they give us their Austal 37.5 mtr fast patrol boats, that sit 500 mtrs away from our vessels without moving an inch - we also can embark Yemen Navy / Army guards at any Yemen port with full weapons.

No civilians, no PMC’s and no problems with P&I or with Insurers or crew unions as these are full military personnel on active duty.


Our organization has recenly begun doing the maritime security and I assure you they are the best in the game. We are defintely looking for shipping companies that are serious about hiring a maritime security team.


I understand what you are trying to do using the Yemen Navy or Army personnel in a protection role for a transit. However, don’t you see a bit of a problem, putting armed active duty soldiers from Yemen on a merchant vessel that does not carry the flag of Yemen?

The escort issue, if in Yemen waters is not such a big issue, but putting active duty personnel on board presents a whole mess of problems, especially if traveling outside the territorial waters of Yemen.

Now if the vessel had active duty personnel from their own flagged country that would be a bit easier to deal with, but even that causes a problem due to these being non military vessels. As soon as you put that armed contingent of a foreign military on board, they essentially become a carrier for that military, and active duty military personnel are under their own command, not that of the shipping company or the ship’s Master.

In addition, attacks are occurring further away from the Yemen Oman boarder. I am sure that these active duty guys are not going to stay on board through the balance of the transit covering the Oman coast line, and into the Arabian Gulf.

I guess I don’t get the benefit of putting a foreign active duty, armed military on only half the transit through the known high risk area.

[quote=Kherubim CEO;13445]Our organization has recenly begun doing the maritime security and I assure you they are the best in the game. We are defintely looking for shipping companies that are serious about hiring a maritime security team.[/quote]

I have no idea as to the quality of your services but your website would sure make a great video game…

SecureWest - had them onboard - generally professional, but no real plan of action.

Trident Group - still onboard - very professional - excellent plan of action - makes best use of resources available.