Maritime Lawyer Sues Owner of M/V Miss Sonia on Behalf of Texas Shrimper

HARRIS COUNTY, TEXAS – Gordon, Elias & Seely, LLP, maritime lawyers, represent a 45 year old shrimper from Palacios, Texas, who was working in the Gulf of Mexico when he sustained injuries to his back and body in general due to the negligence of Mr. Craig Wallis, owner and operator of M/V Miss Sonia. The incident occurred on February 5, 2010,

The plaintiff was employed by Craig A. Wallis as a seaman and was a member of the crew on-board the M/V Miss Sonia. At the time of this incident, the plaintiff was acting as Captain of this shrimp boat. While shrimping in the Gulf of Mexico, a rope and net became caught in the vessel’s propeller. The plaintiff was attempting to free the rope and net from the propeller when he slipped on the oily deck of this vessel, seriously injuring himself.

The plaintiff sustained a 4-mm disc herniation at L4-5. He has not been able to return to work since this incident due to the injuries he sustained.

Mr. Craig Wallis owned and operated the M/V Miss Sonia at the time of this incident. Mr. Wallis lives in Palacios, Texas

There are dangers and consequences involved aboard shrimp boats: limbs can become tangled and amputated in nets, crewmen can be lost overboard, or sometimes owners are more focused on profit than the safety of the crew.

Shrimp boat workers in the United States are often protected under the Jones Actwhen injured. While originally written to protect merchant seaman, it also protects oil rig workers, shrimp boat fisherman, water ferry operators, and many others. Like workers’ compensation, an injured seaman is entitled to maintenance and cure compensation for lost wages and medical care. Unlike workers’ compensation, an injured seaman can sue their employer when negligence caused the accident.

[B]Maritime Lawyer Sues Owner / Operator of M/V Miss Sonia, on Behalf of Texas Shrimper[/B]