Maritime Labor Convention

Since this goes into force (potentially) in 2010, how many companies have actually started planning for it, or even know about it?<br><br>Some pretty interesting reading here at DNV’s website: <a title=“Det Norske Veritas - MLC 2006” href="]Det Norske Veritas - MLC 2006<br><br>It’ll be interesting to hear some of you comments and thoughts…

I was told a year or so ago there should be nothing for US flag or other developed nations’ vessels to be concerned about as they already meet these requirements. MLC 2006 was adopted to create an international minimum standard which is supposed to prevent ships from nations with little or no standards from competeing with more ‘civilized’ flag states. All but about 3 members of the IMO agreed MLC 2006 was a good idea.

Since more than a few of the major Oil Field providers operate foreign flag vessels, I would imagine that it will have some impact on older tonnage that should have been scrapped a long time ago, anyway.<br><br>With respect to the FOC operator’s; since it’s going to cause them to now play on a “level” playing field, how is that going to impact the more “civilized” flag states as far as being sought after commodities.<br><br>There are several provisions within the MLC that may cause a few U.S. operators a moment of pause, at least in the oilfield, within the area of accommodation:<br><br>The requirements related to accommodation are basically about:[ul][]the size of rooms and other accommodation[]heating and ventilation[]noise and vibration and other ambient factors[]sanitary facilities[]lighting[]hospital accommodation [/ul]<br>I’d be curious to see how some of these items are addressed, as I know of several recent newbuild campaigns that ignore some, if not all of the intended criteria above. Obviously, some of these things have been of great importance in the recent past to European operators, but less so here.<br><br>By the way, the U.S. has still <span style="text-decoration: underline;]<strong>not</strong></span> become a signatory state to the MLC. Nothing like waiting to the last minute…again.

I’d guess the oil field providers have already figured a way around this or have been told it doesn’t apply to them. I’d be interested in seeing this new agreement, just out of curiosity.

Interesting subject! What are everyone’s thoughts on Obama’s plan to allow any workplace to unionize with just 25 employee signatures?

That’s about the dumbest thing that I’ve ever heard unless the workplace comprises of just 49 employees. I’ve always been a fan of the democratic.

"What are everyone’s thoughts on Obama’s plan to allow any workplace to unionize with just 25 employee signatures?"
It’s a bill in the house that states a simple majority decides, for 25 signatures to do it there would have to be 49 employees or less.
As long as you can also vote out a union with a simple majority I see nothing to worry about.

Regardless of the laws, I can’t imagine the folks from the bayou ever letting a union in. Second, I can’t imagine any of the folks working on the bayou ever voting a union in!