Maritime Executive on The Daily Show

That is a truly disgusting portrayal the modern shipping industry. They refer to the companies that we work for as “international conglomerates” as if we’re some big Lehman Brothers out to screw the common American. They don’t even touch on the fact that sending cash overseas instead of actual food-aid will end up being one of the most corrupt and scandalous blemishes on the 8 sickening years of the Obama administration. We can all be sure that 90 cents out of every dollar sent to a third-world country for food-aid will go towards genocide and despotism while the other 10 cents will go to some half-baked form of food aid that will probably result in millions dying of food poisoning rather than hunger itself.

This is so typical of the modern main-stream liberal not understanding how industry works and believing whole heartedly in every charity case that floats along with all the other flotsam in the world.

“We can feed four million more people by sending cash instead of crops grown by American farmers and shipped by American merchant mariners? Why not? Let’s do it! Nothing could ever go wrong with that, I’m quite sure that in the goodness of the hearts of all those African dictators that cash flow will bring food to the masses in no time at all!”

Why do these idiots take the Obama administration at its word and why do they continue to not understand how trampling on American industry is bad for EVERYONE, including the people they’re trying to help. I have lost some hope for the future of out industry after what I just saw what the American people will now think about our industry and the Daily Show has just lost a viewer.

[QUOTE=PaddyWest2012;121280]That is a truly disgusting portrayal the modern shipping industry.[/QUOTE]

I agree. But do you think Tony did a good job at defending our industry? I’m having trouble deciding.

[QUOTE=BigGuy;121301]I agree. But do you think Tony did a good job at defending our industry? I’m having trouble deciding.[/QUOTE]

They made Tony out to look like a total ass but whether that was how the Daily Show cut his shots or if he really was just that much of an ass is hard to say. In my opinion the blame is spread 50/50 there. The Daily Show, and the media in general, does have a habit of cutting people’s interviews to make them more embarrassing, but at the same time Tony did not seem to be 100% on the ball.

Tony appears to be a fucking retard.

[QUOTE=Mullet Farm;121305]Tony appears to be a [Deleted by Admin].[/QUOTE]

I’d say that’s going a bit too far SIR…although I do feel Tony could have been more vociferous in his defense of the PL480 cargo program than he was and been able to make a clearer case than he did. One thing to realize is that out of the entire US maritime industry the fleet that does carry the US AID cargoes is pretty small in number and as a percentage. The Jones Act is an elephant and PL480 is a mouse yet any cracks in the ramparts are not good. I for one would much rather see ALL US DoD cargoes carried on US bottoms as the law says they should but we all know that MSC is really only interested in the bottom line and would throw the US fleet under the bus in a heartbeat. There is one that all US maritime industry players should scream and howl over. Food for Peace is nothing when compared to US global defense.

Lastly, The Daily Show is on the COMEDY CHANNEL…nobody should every appear there and speak if they expect their words to be taken literally. Tony should have politely declined to participate already knowing full well his words would be used for ENTERTAINMENT value.

Sorry Tony…you know I am one of your biggest supporters but this one didn’t work I’m afraid.

I fully agree with c.captain. If you’re going go be interviewed by the Daily Show, you HAVE to know that their ‘correspondents’ (aka ‘comedians’) are not laughing with you, they’re laughing at you. This is their angle, and there’s no overcoming it with rational argument. Or with attempting to joke along with them, which is the tact that Mr. Munoz attempted. His efforts had good intentions and were honorable in the effort to defend the U.S. mariners, but with the editing, as expected, it didn’t come off that well. The other option was to not participate, and I cannot gauge whether that would have been the better option or not.

In a more serious forum than the Daily Show, it would be good to mention that shipping U.S. food aid on U.S. hulls have several advantages. First, it helps protect against the inherent corruption of buying food on the market through regional foreign governments. Second, it does indeed form a subsidy to the maritime industry to help ensure that there are enough employable U.S. mariners in the case of war, in which over 90% of military equipment gets shipped by sea. Do you really want M1A1 Abrams tanks being shipped on foreign ships? Merchant shipping NEEDS to be tied better to the Defense interests of the nation, and Food Aid is part of it.

And to my knowledge, Liberty Maritime is not an ‘international conglomerate’, and I think they do most of the food aid, yes?

[QUOTE=PaddyWest2012;121303]They made Tony out to look like a total ass [/QUOTE]

He should have expected as much and declined to participate. Did he not know or try to find out that in these bits, they always make one side look like morons. Did he think he’d win them over despite the way the story was scripted? Declining wouild have been the better course, it’s not like the old 60 Minutes where they chase after the guy with cameras rtolling as he’s trying to decline and hide.

[QUOTE=Peter01;121321] And to my knowledge, Liberty Maritime is not an ‘international conglomerate’, and I think they do most of the food aid, yes?[/QUOTE]

i highly doubt it, but as heavily Greek as the mgmt at Liberty is, it’s certainly possible, if not likely that it is owned by foreign interests. But that really would be no different than APL being owned by the Chinese company NOL.

the other 2 bulkers are owned now owned by ISC (which owns waterman, central gulf, sulphur enterprise, and energy enterprise) but were previously owned ( way down the road after their original operators/owners) by the logistics division of Tampa Electric Company (TECO). i’m quite sure they were not a shell company.

Unfortunately too many people of the younger generations take John Stewart and Stephen Colbert seriously and actually think that the political views voiced on the show by the hosts are truly valid and well researched. Tony should not have gone on the show, but I do applaud him for trying to reach out to that younger crowd.

Tony talks to Maritime TV about the interview

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The segment was satirical. The myth of the “liberal mainstream media” should not be confused with a show that spoofs the mainstream media. It still appeared to be a painfully weak performance by MarEx.

Of the younger generation? I think nits fair to say that their are people of every generation buy into entertainment as actual news. Ditto heads or john Stewart, it’s up to you to be a well informed individual. Nothing personal, but the couple of generations prior to mine are as miss informed as mine.