Marine transportation

It’s not even really a debate. It’s just about busting each others chops. Does anyone really think that both are not equally important?

[QUOTE=New3M;51752]It’s not like that at all. How many engineers do you know in chartering? Insurance? Brokerage? I don’t know any and I’d bet if there are any they’re few and far between.

Here’s a piece of advice for you - don’t pick a career field because somebody tells you there’s always going to be a job for you (a[I][B]nd for the record I know out of work engineers[/B][/I]) - pick a career field because you want to do it. If you hate your career, that’s that.

And I resent the implication that a deck license is the equivalent to a GED and a 3/M is a garbage man.[/QUOTE]
They must not be very motivated. Even in this economy I get offers all the time about work. I do agree about picking a career that you want to do. I love taking things apart and repairing things. I also could not stand around and drink coffee and glue and color for a living…lol. Oh by they way I knew a Cheng that was a garbage man during his time off

[QUOTE=Diesel;51783]Only ring-knockers would even get into this debate, and I am not an anti-academy guy.[/QUOTE]

We might be “ring-knockers,” but with our powers combined…we are Captain Planet!