Marine Pilot Job Leads Thread

A bunch of guys have emailed me interested in marine pilot jobs so I wanted to start a new thread. Please post any pilot job announcements you find as well as any info you think would be useful in finding a pilot job.


The Washington State Board of Pilotage Commissioners plans to hold an exam in Seattle on or after Oct. 19. An official Notice of Examination will be published no later than June 22 with specific details about the exam, including dates and how to apply. The exam is being given to identify qualified candidates for entry into a training program in either the Grays Harbor Pilotage District or the Puget Sound Pilotage District. Applicants must elect to apply for a license in one or both districts, but training to become a state licensed pilot will be for one district only.

Go to for information about the Port of Grays Harbor. Go to for information about the Puget Sound Pilots. Go to for other detailed information about pilotage in Washington State.

Applicants must meet the pre-examination requirements cited in RCW 88.16.090, WAC 363-116-076, WAC 363-116-077 and WAC 363-116-0751. In general, applicants must meet specified service requirements as master for one to two years while holding a minimum license as master of steam or motor vessels of not more than 1600 GRT or 3000 GT (ITC). Other types of service may also qualify. A federal pilotage endorsement is not required for either Pilotage District to take the exam but is required for licensure.

The Board’s website contains specific links and other pertinent information regarding the exam. A request to receive exam information directly can be made by contacting: Peggy Larson, Executive Director, Washington State Board of Pilotage Commissioners, 2901 Third Avenue, Suite 500, Seattle, WA 98121; Phone 206-515-3904 and 206-515-3647; Fax 206-515-3906;;

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