Marine Insight Post on Parametric Rolling

This long running discussion may need some new input.
Not sure if this will supply it:

That post says it’s been updated, maybe it’s been improved some.

Still says this which is incorrect:

The difference is that “Parametric Rolling” is a type of movement that is experienced only on Container Ships .

Maybe the only change they made was to put "Container Ships’ in bold.

I don’t think that the site Marine Insight is reliable.

Was the Suez boat starting to roll with the wind so the pilot had them speed up only to create the next issue?
Gossip at the bar from the people in shipping is those ships may be too big to transit?

I’m fairly sure Ever Given did not experience parametric rolling in the Suez Canal…

maybe not uniform but from huge gusts?

Skuld P&I issued an article on Parametric Rolling Movement recently: