Marad Awards Medal to SUNY Admiral for feeding people

A medal for feeding people? WTF?

You just can’t make this shit up:

SUNY Maritime College President Rear Adm. Wendi Carpenter was the official National Maritime Day honoree. She received the Merchant Marine Medal for Outstanding Achievement for her support of relief efforts following Hurricane Sandy. In the aftermath of the storm, Carpenter arranged for 600 relief workers to be boarded and fed on the TS EMPIRE STATE.

“I’m honored to be here to recognize the sacrifices of hundreds of thousands of mariners, many of whom have given their lives over the years,” Carpenter said. “Especially during national disasters such as Sandy, a strong merchant marine is essential to our country,” she said, adding, “I personally believe that maritime is generally under-appreciated by policy-makers and historians.”

Carpenter is the first woman to head one of America’s maritime colleges. She was introduced by Deputy Maritime Administrator Chip Jaenichen, who will soon take over the leadership of MARAD on an acting basis.

Hey, during the next hurricane, if I run around with a plunger and unclog a few dozen shitters will MARAD issue me the medal of honor?

I want a medal!!! Wth… =(

Didn’t Maine & Mass get their ship activated for Sandy relief as well? Did they get medals?

The FEMA AMERICORPS cadets or w.e they’re called got to eat at SUNY’s Messdeck on land the entire duration. which was a couple months.