Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 missing

That plane landed in Mogadishu last week. Since the Seals have shut the pirates down they’re looking for a new revenue stream.

It’s ok guys. Courtney Love found it!

[QUOTE=KrustySalt;133190]It’s ok guys. Courtney Love found it![/QUOTE]

actually this has all the hallmarks of a SPECTRE job and I am sure as I am old and nasty that Blofeld is the puppetmaster behind this “job” maybe perhaps ala “Thunderball”. Never fear however because the countries involved all have their OO level agents mobilized in all the far flung exotic locales on the planet including toting behind them gorgeous ladies in low cut evening gowns and stilletto heels which also double as laser weapons!

btw, who was the best Blofeld? I personally prefer Charles Gray’s portrayal of the supremely extraordinary master if international crime and global extortion

but the others have their positives as well…Donald Pleasence, Kurt Jurgens, Telly Savales, and of course, the late great Max von Sydow!

Spectre relied on the educated guess that the military in SE Asia would be asleep on the radar
( or there was an important football match on TV)