Mail in prior MMC after renewal

Here’s an easy one - do the old MMCs need to be mailed in?


I used to use my expired one to get in and out of certain ports that insisted that a seaman’s document be used. Funny how they never checked to see if it was a valid seaman’s document.

Yes. See 46 CFR 10.233(c).

Another question is what happens if you don’t. I don’t know. I would ask NMC if they want it back, they may not.

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Perfectly educational response - thanks so much.

Just chatted with “Erica” at NMC - she said keep it. Thanks…

Yes I think @jdcavo educated quite a few people today with that information.

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I just got my new book a few weeks ago and my old one was a year expired. I was never asked for it back my new one just came in the mail one day.

I did recall that there was a CFR that discussed returning it but I couldn’t find it - thanks to Mr. Cavo for citing the reference above. Today when I had a chat session with NMC and was told to keep the old one, I saved a copy of the chat transcript “just in case”.