MAIB Warns Older Crew of Heightened Slip and Fall Risk

The MAIB made the reminder in its report on its investigation into a 28 February 2019 incident during which the master of the dredger Cherry Sand was crushed between the vessel and a jetty after he fell while attempting to step ashore to assist berthing the vessel.

“The MAIB noted that of the occupational accidents it has investigated over the past 5 years, more than 40% of the mariners who lost their lives were over 50 years old.”

The dredger captain who lost his life was 72 years of age. The study does not state the average age of crew so one would surmise the average age is pretty high.The article therefore implies 60% who lost their lives were under 50 years old. It seems they should be warning those under 50 years old as they die more often.

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Here’s what the report says:

“…while older workers are generally less likely
than younger workers to have occupational accidents, accidents involving them
are likely to result in more serious injuries, permanent disabilities or death, than
for younger workers. Older workers may experience more slips, trips and falls than
younger workers, and recovery following an injury may take longer”.

Presumably the wording in guidance for younger workers would differ.

I am sorry to say when I first saw the article I thought to myself, “This is should be required reading in the SUP”. Maybe things have changed since when I dealt with them.