MAERSK container ship disabled by explosion, 1 crew injured, North Atlantic VIDEO

Looks to be right near the ECA zone boundary. Fuel changeover accident?

SE of Newark, not New York? It seems a odd reference point given how much better known the City is.

Using its destination port.

Newark was the ship’s destination. The Maritime Bulletin site says it is run by an active ship master.

From the site:

My name is Nikolay Torkin, I’m Merchant Marine Master, presently in command of feeder container ship trading in South East Asia. My family lives in Prague, Czech Republic. Mikhail provides me with daily accidents reports, I send him information with regards to accidents and container ships.


Isn’t the item with the broken studs the end cap of the exhaust receiver?

I wish that photo was zoomed out a little…I’ve never worked on those slow speeds, but to me it looks like the turbo casing?