Maersk Calls for Carbon Tax on Ship Fuel – gCaptain

Maersk is calling on the International Maritime Organization — shipping’s global regulator — to have a carbon dioxide tax for the industry ready by 2025, likely starting at about $50 a ton, then ramping up to at least $150 a ton in subsequent years.

Would roughly double bunker prices:

The $150 levy works out at about a $450-a-ton hike in the cost of very low-sulfur fuel oil — a mainstream product for the industry today — according to Maersk. VLSFO costs about $500 a ton to $525 a ton depending on where in the world it’s bought, according to data compiled by Bloomberg.

That will not hurt Maersk much, they will pass on all extra costs to the consumers.

need to work out a way monitise carbon capture so there is a business case to put it in the ground.
Chatting to someone looking at it says new wells will be needed to be drilled to allow it to work with different design than an oil well.

Future bonus when the planet cools you can get paid to release it

I understand the philosophy behind the Carbon tax but where will that money go?


There is already with Carbon Credits, Verra and the Gold Standards are the top 2 voluntary markets.

As far as I can see, a credit is just a slip of paper I buy from Tesla so I can manufacture my Ford/GM 7litre pickup?

You can also do that in your own business, one item sold issues a credit for another that pollutes more according to some measurement and some rule?
A credit is a permit to pollute in many cases.

Where the carbon going into the ground?

Who of us in the drilling business has drilled a Co2 well designed for injection?

As many people said climate change and carbon tax was just a way for government to raise taxes.

How high would a ton of 380 have to be before all ships would change the fuel source?
The answer to that is the level of tax that needs to be added from today to a reasonable target date where change can be made.

You can see the panic in states and Gov now if all cars became electric where is the lost fuel tax income coming from?
( not to mention the power)

Where is a rule that says your solar panel and wind turbine structure and blades dont have a coal input? The Coking coal industry is booming atm.

Which governments have a coherent energy policy that will work, maybe a few tiny places lucky enough to have hydro?
Maybe only France with Nuclear which is by far the lowest carbon emitter from build to end of life.

How does a $150/ton tax make the price go up $450/ton ?

This is just another example of the utter futility of trying to change the world’s temperature by imposing a tax. I say no.

I just posted this video on another thread, but perhaps the advocates might look at the graphs Professor Will Happer displays explaining that even greatly increased CO2 will have very little warming effect, that the earth is in a period of CO2 starvation, and that nothing we do (such as this silly proposal) will do any good, only impoverish the already poor.

Oh, and he’s an expert.

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Great video…

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Not many here will dare to watch it. It’s their destiny to always be unerringly wrong yet convinced of their moral virtue.

Perhaps they are religious so have spent a lifetime believing in make believe?

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