LPG tankers ablaze

Two Tanzanian flag LPG carriers caught fire while engaged in STS in the Kerch Strait:

Let the conspiracy theories begin.

From elsewhere:

“Both tankers had been involved in illegal gas supplies to Syria since 2016, according to the Office of Foreign Assets Control of the U.S. Treasury (OFAC). According to ships tracks and port calls records, both were working as gas-train, where CANDY was cargo collector in Russian Ports (Temryuk), and MAESTRO was cargo shuttle, transporting LPG to Syria with fixed AIS tracks. Of course Russian Authorities knew about the scheme, but were covering it up. Tankers transferred LPG in STS operation on anchorage in Kerch Strait waters outside territorial waters, so legally speaking, outside boundaries of Russian jurisdiction. So it was a “gray” business involving a number of possible negative consequences.”

Yes, the Tanzanian maritime authorities must really improve their certification of their LPG carriers to ensure safety at sea during STS transfers. Does anyone know how to contact them?

Suggest you take Ethiopian Airways from Stocholm to Zanzibar via Addis Ababa to present your suggestions for improvement directly to Zanzibar Maritime Authorities, who are responsible for the Tanzanian Zanzibar International Register of Shipping.
I’m sure they will appreciate a visit from such an authority on all things maritime as yourself. Good luck.

Thanks. I have actually visited Malindi, Zanzibar by ship. I didn’t know about an airport. I appreciated the Old Slave Market/Anglican Cathedral at Mkunazini Road, Stone Town, and the many wooden ships in the port. The Zanzibar Maritime Authority is just a P.O.BOX 401. But they have a website http://www.zma.go.tz/

The latest on the LPG tanker fire from Splash 24/7. 20 seafarers feared dead: