Louisiana Sues Transocean Over Gulf Oil Spill

[B]Louisiana Files Lawsuit Against Transocean For Gulf Oil Spill - MARITIME LAWYER NEWS[/B]
NEW ORLEANS, LA – The state of Louisiana has filed suit against Triton Asset Leasing GmbH and Transocean Ltd. for damages resulting from the Gulf oil spill. In the lawsuit, “State of Louisiana v. Triton Asset Leasing, GMBH et al.”, the defendants listed are Transocean Deepwater, Inc., Transocean Holdings, L.L.C., Transocean Offshore Deepwater Drilling, Inc. and Triton Asset Leasing, GMBH. The cause of action in the lawsuit is the Oil Pollution Act. The suit was filed in the Fifth Circuit, Louisiana, Eastern District Court on September 14, 2010. [B]Read Full Story[/B].