Transocean Issues Report Blames BP for Gulf Oil Spill

[B]Transocean Issues Report Blames BP for Gulf Oil Spill

[/B]Transocean, the owner of the [I]Deepwater Horizon[/I] oil rig that exploded last year on April 20, 2010 killing 11 oil rig workersand spread millions of gallons of oil across gulf waters and beaches, has issued an extensive report Wednesday that points most of the blame at BP, the owner of the Macondo well.

In the Transocean 854 page report released on Wednesday, Transocean said the [I]Deepwater Horizon[/I] explosion that occurred on April 20, 2010 and resulting oil spill was the result of a “succession of interrelated well design, construction, and temporary abandonment decisions that compromised the integrity of the well and compounded the risk of its failure.” Transocean said many of the decisions were made by well owner BP in the two weeks before the incident. [B]Read More[/B].