Looks Like the MEBA is Striking and AMO is Scabing

Check this out from the MEBA website:

Dear MEBA Brothers and Sisters and Supporters:

This will update you on the status of our negotiations with Liberty Maritime Corporation. Unfortunately, Liberty Maritime has decided to lock out its hardworking MEBA officers as of
midnight tonight, October 1, 2011 despite the fact that the MEBA has agreed in principle to the terms of a new contract with Liberty. Even worse, Liberty has just informed us that they have already signed a collective bargaining agreement with the American Maritime Officers (AMO) an affiliate of the SIU to replace our officers on board at 12:01 a.m. If this is true, this is an egregious and despicable act by the AMO to scab these ships instead of standing by its Union brothers and sisters in this dispute. We anticipate that this will not go unnoticed by the labor movement and the MEBA will take all necessary action to see that the AMO is called to task for its actions. We thank the rest of our brothers and sisters in the maritime labor community for their support and ask them to stand with us in this struggle.

The MEBA will continue to fight to protect the jobs of its Liberty officers and will pursue all available actions to remedy Liberty’s unlawful actions.


[B]I can’t believe this is happening! Any thoughts?[/B]