Looking for short rotations




Nope. The fast catamarans are “T-EPFs”. TSVs are training support vessels; a former T-AGOS, T-ATF, and two torpedo retrievers.


Have you looked into JW Wescott (mail boat) or the Pilot boat? Both near the Ambassador Bridge.
Also, Andrie and Grand River have 30 day rotations I think.


I was thinking of the army fast support catamarans that are (were?) called TSVs. IIRC the first one was a converted former civilian fast ferry. I know the navy is making use of similar ships but I haven’t kept up with the development of either program.


WA State Ferries or Alaskan Ferries have short rotations . wa your home every night. Ak you are two weeks on two off I believe


Navy and Army jointly chartered Incat hull 050 as HSV X-1 Joint Venture and each operated her for two periods of several months in rotation. My brother was skipper on the Navy rotations. He wasn’t very happy when the Army gave it back with a broken stabilizer foil after hitting a whale with it.

The next one the Navy had (bought outright I think) was turned over to another country and spectacularly ruined by a missile.


TSV was the original name of the program. It stood for Theater Support Vessel.
Who knew the military was such a big supporter of the arts.:roll_eyes:



Crowley ATBs are SIU. Good company to work for. Good pay. 28/28. Company pays for travel and will fly you from anywhere in the US.


Little Creek is around Norfolk VA. Would agree that tugs/ ATBs are a good bet. OSVs should be picking up shortly and 28/28 typical, used to be 28/14, but things changed for the better, downside is anything over 80 m is going DP, so as already stated that is helpful. Assume any clearance has expired, if not grab something US gov to have “S” renewed, otherwise interim clearances are only stopgap and are lost if you change companies. CapnGeorge’s comment about the TSV/SWATH hulls sounds like a good possibility. I’m AMO and as far as I am concerned AMO will get you a job sooner than the other two officer unions and has improved since you left, would like to see ya come back, the oil field refugees will probably be leaving soon.


Memel, I was wondering if you know if AMO has any short rotation jobs available? Anything up in the lakes with quick in/out? I’m definitely open to suggestions, as AMO was good to me while I was in.


There are always breakouts for the MSC ROS ships like the LMSRs. The trend in the last few years as in the overall merchant fleet is majority MSC contract or owned ships with everything that involves such as clearances, sometimes only for top 4 sometimes for all the licensed. The deck positions overwhelmingly are for C/M or Master and mostly ROS. The watchstanding positions are rarely advertised as they are grabbed up immediately and usually offered internally. Occasional 60/90 day relief jobs. Best bet is when you are back in the union, let dispatch know that you need to spread your resume around, as long as you keep them in the loop they actually encourage you to do so, as long as you let them know who you are contacting, otherwise you leave yourself open to “backdoor shipping” charge. Best bet is to contact the company you previously sailed with and re-establish that connection. No surprise there are 4:1 engineering versus deck openings.


Curious to see if the OP was able to find anything with a shorter even time rotation. Sailing 90-120 days is great when you’re single and kidless, but not so much with a family. Oilfield was great for that while it was busy, but not so much anymore. When those jobs dried up most of the hands I worked with took shoreside rather than going out for long trips. I keep hearing about the lack of bodies for upper license roles and I have to believe some of it is because folks don’t want to be away from the house that much, especially if the kids are young.


Yea that is true, and parenting is the most important job any of us will ever have. That being said having worked in the oilfield longer than I want to remember before punching through the sainted glass ceiling of unlimited tonnage bottoms, the GOM good ol boys who moaned and groaned if they were sent to Mexico or Canada on rotations beyond one month were embarrrassing. The worst were the crew boat jockies and rig hands on their ridiculous 7/7 or 14/14 schedule. Happiest day was seeing the GOM OSV’s disappear in my rear view mirror.


Unfortunately I am still looking. Great Lakes sailing seems to be the shortest rotations outside of GOM oilfield, 30-60 day rotation, 30 bring relief only, but I need lake pilotage, so have to do some AB work first probably. Also, I’m still trying to get my documents in order, being shoreside for 5 years kinda puts a damper on things! But I’ll get there, and I’m still looking for the perfect (for me) hitch! Good luck to you!


There’s some kinda 7 on 7 off Crowley gig in Houston or Lake Charles my buddy got, that’d be a lot of flying for you though. I can find out scecific info if you want or pretty much any O.S.V. company 28/28.


Lol, I’m from Houston area, and am going to be around there for a few months at least, more if I can get a good job.

What’s the 7 and 7?


I’ll p.m. you the info. I called my boy. It ain’t Crowley but I was close.


They have deep sea mates sailing without pilotage on open water endorsements. Not sure what that entails.


Im1883 - Do you know what company? I saw on ASC website they would accept applications front deep sea unlimited, but couldn’t find a lot of info on other companies. Anything you know would be appreciated. Thanks


ASC was one of them, and I believe they had a program through the AMO to open more of those jobs up to union members. However the open water endorsement would be something issued by the USCG so maybe the REC in Toledo could point you in the right direction. Also, MEBA and MMP both have mates up there as well so one of their halls might have some info.

Sorry I can’t be of more help. Word of caution though: a 30 day relief stints might last longer than 30 days.