Looking for a partner/ investor

Haa, 60 kts on the James River is obviously tricky :slight_smile:. We are talking about federally designated marine highways M95, M64, M495, etc. Rules of the Road are still intact!
“Sunday sailors” will be listening to the marine radio and always be on the lookout. After service announcements and the first encounter, they would get used to new beasts.

Don’t take this for granted. It’s a dangerous assumption at least with the smaller recreational sail boats. In my experience, the majority do not listen/respond to radio calls.


They found financing by apply and being accepted to this program which walks you through the steps necessary to get venture capital financing: https://www.ycombinator.com/

Y combinator has the best track record by far but there are other similar programs: http://seedrankings.com/

These are not insurmountable issues in Seattle and Vancouver harbors, where traffic is much more intense than on Chesapeake. The speed of passenger traffic on the water is a key business point.

The Rules of the Road are for everyone. In our day and age, the information travels fast. Info campaigns, service announcements, internet rumors should do the job. A horse carriage and Mercedes bus share the same road. It works in Italy, Netherlands, Hungary, Russia, Ukraine, Greece, it will work in our USA. It works now even in NYC!

I have nothing to offer on the financial side, but I have worked on high speed ferries here in the Bay Area and am relocating to Charlottesville, so happy to help in anyway I can…

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Super-great to hear that! Welcome to Virginia! C-ville is a great small town, 1hr away from RVA. I’ll gladly share our ideas and BP over the phone or video chat!

So crossing time based on 53 kt speed from dock to dock?

Baltimore to Norfolk 3hrs +, DC to Norfolk 3.5hrs +, NYC to Norfolk 4.5 to 5 hrs. RVA to VaBeach 2.20 to 2.40 hrs. Philly to VABeach 4 hrs. Remember, these are estimates. On Atlantic shores/ M95 speed could be higher, on harbor approaches or in tight areas speed should be lower. A ant least, these are times to that could justify travellers to jump on board.

Is this a selling point, or do you actually have a yard in mind? I only ask because my job is currently to build and repair, Subchapter T and K boats, so I’m quite familiar with the process from both an owner’s and shipyard’s perspective.

Excellent point.
We do have a shipyard that we sign a Memorandum of Understanding 4 years ago. That yard is located in a more “expensive” part of our country. But while networking with local folks it was clear that Hampton Roads area shipyards could do the same job by 10% to 15% less expensive. Dealing locally would be a good selling point for local investors. Or, maybe a shipyard itself would become our partner/ investor/ long-term service & maintenance provider. That would be top of our wish list.

No argument here, but we tried that avenue.
Their startup serves the global market and has more potential to become a game-changer or disruptor. Our project has a “local” brand for the time being. VCs and incubators are hunting projects that promise 10x return and would disrupt the global economy. We can promise that. In our case, the “local dollar” would sail further.