Lookin to get back to the real world!

Afternoon fellas, I’m looking for a little direction with my current employment search. Currently I work for Hess/Hovensa as a port engineer; been here for nearly three good years. The family at home (brothers, sister, nephews, neices) is growing at an alarming rate and I want to get back state side (Maine) to enjoy them. I’m a godfather twice over now…
If I had my drothers I’d like an equal time Chief or Asst. hitch between one and three months. My current licence is DDE Unlimmited Diesel, Steam, Gas Turbine, third issue. I don’t mind travel throughout the US or abroad for that matter as long as the company pays travel, has good (decent co-pay medical) and benni’s.
Does anyone have any decent leads, suggestions, or helpful comments? Thanks in advance for your consideration.
Do any of you have experience with Seabulk as an Employer?