Long sleeves

Our company just started requiring 100% cotton long sleeve coveralls or uniform shirts all the time, anywhere, outside the living quarters. And don’t dare roll your sleeves up. I can see the advantage of sun protection some days on deck, but my crew is miserable. When they’re miserable, they rush and they’re not paying attention to where they are and what they’re doing. <br><br>Whining won’t get us anywhere, though. Does anyone have a suggestion on material I can recommend to the office, or do you have incident reports caused by long sleeves (caught in machinery, heat stress, workplace violence, etc)?

What was the reason for the change to begin with?

The policy doesn’t say why. It just says “Thou shall…”. I think it came from another company we merged with recently. The office just adopted the stricter of all the safety policies without thinking about the consequences.

Dont you just hate it when somebody writing policy in an air-conditioned office tells you what to wear on a sticky-humid day?

Check out OSHA’s web site for heat stress-related workplace injuries. Absolutely not worth it!<br><br><br><br> I have nothing positive to say. Chemical exposure is worse with long sleeves- it lets chemicals rest against the skin, or requires the wearer to wash the clothing, which means putting nasty stuff into a common area. <br><br><br>