Long live the Sun - Why Solar Power will beat Nuclear

If one uses net metering there are no energy storage constraints.

They’re talking about mass solar farms instead of nuclear.

PV panels on your house work great and I have them myself, as I’ve stated multiple times. I also have a Powerwall even though it doesn’t really pay, it’s a nice transition before the generator has to come on.

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Then there is this option: Modular Molten Salt Nuclear Power for Maritime Propulsion


The mass solar farms that get government subsidies annoy me. Several years ago there was a study done in Florida about this issue. The end result was; had the government given the same tax write off to the home owners in Florida to install solar water heating [a no brainer in FL] as they did to Florida Power and Light to install their mass solar they could have paid for the cost of installed solar hot water heaters on every home in Florida and realized a greater reduction in KW demand. But, home owners have no lobbyists.


As I posted early on:

“Which explains why Florida Power and Light (FPL) is spending millions on Greta Thunberg look-a-like TV commercials touting their solar projects. FPL is the sole provider for more than half the state of Florida so it’s not like they have a need to market their product, the consumer has no choice where to buy electricity.”

And I might add, it’s why FPL figures it’s worth the lobbyist bills to prevent widespread installation of any technique or device not provided by, sold by, or under direct control of FPL.

It is not in any utility provider’s interest to reduce consumption or increase consumer efficiency no matter how much they tout their “green” programs. There is only one type of green those people recognize and it has a picture of a dead president on it.

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The entire “green” program has been turned into a scam for the power companies paid for by the taxpayers who will never see their utility bill go down… Why this has not been recognized by the general public is a tribute to their lobbying efforts and the absence of functioning real news reporters.
FPL is the poster child for “fleece the taxpayer thru bribes to politicians.”

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No it is NOT intended as main power source on large ship.

And Floriduh has no shortage of corrupt moronic politicians from Senator to Governor to the lowliest “civil servant” who exist solely to line their own pockets.

It has taken a few years to fully comprehend the depth and breadth of Floriduh corruption but JFC it is astounding! Did I mention that Floriduh is also the capitol of ambulance chasers?

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This is very exciting technology, especially using Thorium as a fuel. But, high pressure molten salt is a bitch of a materials science problem.