LMSR loading for Gaza

I saw this going on while I was having a pint on Saint Patrick’s Day.


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Red/white/blue stack vs blue/yellow stacks. I wonder why? Several of these ships went from the MSC fleet to MarAd

Blue and gold is MSC. Red white and blue are contracted ships.

They’re MARAD ships.

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I think that’s what I meant.

Probably least likely to breakdown. The Bienvinedez just moved back to the states somewhat recently.

I know why they are using that ship, I’m wondering why it went from the blue/gold stacked fleet of MSC to the red/white/blue stacked MarAd fleet.

The Red Cloud still has blue/gold stacks and they are the same class of ship.

You sure about that? She’s been in ROS in for years? She did just come out of the yard recently.

Red Cloud I believe is still under MSC control, not MARAD. Class doesn’t matter, it’s about contracts and mission.

Red Cloud is Watson class and all of the Watson class are still MSC MPF or APS…….for now. This ship loading for Gaza is a Bob Hope class ship. The Bob hope class ships, minus the Seay and Pililaau, transferred to Marad RRF over the last couple years.


I could be mistaken, I thought she was one of the ones that USMMI lost, and I had thought relocation was part of the deal.

She was, but she has been stateside for years. She may have had to move piers or something but she’s been in ROS for quite a while.

Who said it was going to be easy:

I wonder if all the Bobo class vessels are in rough shape. I was at Diego Garcia in ‘17 when the Williams lost a section of hull plating or her transducer fell out (something along those lines…) and had to have temporary repairs done before sending her off to a shipyard. Whatever it was they had divers down and everything — almost like they were doing a UWALD.

After reading the Military.com article, I’m totally demoralized about our military readiness. The Army’s ships break down. The Bobo has a fire leaving FL. Last month, the Button has a fire. What a cluster-fuck!

It looks like the Stockham was activated a couple days ago, shortly after Bobo turned around. She was built in 1980 for Maersk, stretched in 84….sold to MSC and converted in the late 90’s at Nassco with the other two Shugart class LMSR’s. APS to MPF conversion a few years after she left Nassco.

There is more chatter about the sad condition of our US fleet now more that ever. For the first time its senior commanders across all branches. Hopefully something happens soon, something big.

The Chinese, Russians, North Koreans, Iranians, Venezuelans, Cubans , and others are rolling on the floor laughing their ass off.

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Who needs cyberwarfare when you have rust on your side.


To be fair, sad condition of the fleet. But still one of the best fleets out there. Although we all know the Chinese are all smiling as their shipyards roll out new tonnage every day.