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Firstly, I apologize if this was covered in the past. My computer is having issues with the search function of the forums. It also has more to do with our leisure time than working issues, but try explaining our profession on any expat forum…

My wife and I have begun researching living abroad, with a likely destination of Europe. We’re both young enough to do it (less strings to unbind than retirees), have the desire to try something new, and our timing will be near-perfect in another year from now. This has nothing to do with saving money - we fully expect higher living expenses than the US. The trip is more about our desire to experience some cultures we enjoyed after traveling in the past. If I wanted to save money, I would do SE Asia, but she may stop that before it’s ever considered…

My employer is not concerned where they fly me to/from, so that is a non-issue. What may be an issue to us, however, are the different residency requirements proposed by certain countries. We are either purchasing property or entering a long-term lease. She will not be working overseas and I will continue my employment with an offshore drilling company. It seems most countries will issue the requisite visas and permits to allow permanent, non-working residency, but they also place restrictions on time required to physically remain in their country (i.e. must remain in the country for four out of five years, albeit non-consecutively). If I travel for work, gone six months per year, is that an automatic disqualification? Yes, I would report all income to the new country of residence, pay required taxes, etc. I would not be working locally, nor be paid by a local employer. Just for sake of clarification, we are considering Croatia or Italy, but still have not decided. Greece was an option, but now it’s down on the list for obvious reasons.

I am pretty sure there are some American expats on here, which prompted me to ask these questions. Does anyone have experience with this issue, or just general thoughts/advice to add? I have asked some American expats on the rig for advice, which got me some great tips, but they all hold passports in addition to US, so their situations are a bit different.

lived overseas most of my life. still do i guess, Manhattan aint Kansas.
in any event: 1. go try out a place before putting all your eggs in that basket, stay there for a year and see if you like it, 2. what is little wifey to do while daddy is away at work? no kiddos? no job? no neighbors? she’s screwed: seen it before. she’s the reason this adventure will end, would YOU like being somewhere with no friends while SHE’S away? 3. dont worry about visas taxes etc, that stuff will get settled out when you find the right place and hook up with the expats.
have fun. see you at CDG,

Actually, it is. Manhattan KS, 66502 :wink:

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Have you visited Italy or Croatia? To each his own but those seem like strange choices! I’ve been traveling Europe for the past 2 months. Take a trip to Lisbon, Portugal and check it out. That would be a great place to live here! I also think Barcelona would be great. I’m currently in Prague, which is awesome, but wouldn’t want to live here. Best wishes!

This thread is pretty old but I have some questions about living abroad and working out of the AMO union. I just got my 3rd Unlimited and would like to work deep sea out of AMO. My wife is South African and we have a son. She wants to live in her home country and I do to but I still want to make an American salary working out of the union. Will the union frown on this? Will dispatch skip over my name on the list because I am not located near a major US port? I hear they do this to save company money on flights. Typically how long do you have from the point of accepting a job and having to be on the ship, I know this will vary widely but I am more looking for an in general type of answer, because It takes me about 48 hours to fly from SA with layovers and what-not. Any info would be appreciated.

The Union (AMO or whomever) doesn’t care where you live. There may be limitations as far as transportation cost goes since they are paid by the company. I once worked with a captain who lived in France. I believed the company paid for travel to/from NY but not NY to France. Generally speaking if it is not a pier head jump you should have several days notice (though I am no expert on matters relating to AMO). The key is getting that first job and whether or not it is a steady or one time gig.

Thank you much appreciated. Whats a pier head jump?

Get the job, grab your bag and get to the vessel ASAP!

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For example: Hello? … New Zealand? I don’t have a visa. … Check my email? … Yes, I’m headed to the airport now. Bye.

(true story)

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I work for the government and we have a number of people who live overseas: Europe and Asia mostly. They pay out of pocket to CONUS, and then the gov. pays to fly them to the ship from there. It seems to work for them.

I am eligible via a parent for citizenship in a European country and am in the process of making that happen myself, but more with a mind for retirement.

I’ve done a couple of pier head jumps for the universities when they had someone tap out last minute. Get there quick and they pull up the gangway. Fun!

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