Live Ham Radio Podcast With gCaptain Starting Now

Hey guys. I’m about to start a live podcast in a few minutes where I’m talking about ham radio aboard ship.

Come over and tune in!

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I enjoyed that!

Ok now peanut galley, let me know what I got wrong.

I had to view it hit and miss with a 1/3 of my grandkids in my care. The only thing that caught my attention was your mention of vertical antennas and NVIS. Most NVIS is 4 to 8 megs with low elevation horizontally polarized whips or dipoles. If you have noticed the humvs with the whip antennas pulled over 90 degs. It’s not for clearance but for NVIS. Several military handbooks have chapters on this. The Marines have this

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Interesting, thanks for the clarification.

Good Video John thanks for the share.

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