SSB enthuciastics?

Afternoon Guys,
Someone around interested on some radio checks and call on HF over DSC ?
if so , let me know your UTC time of convenience and then we select the frequency .

I have to wonder what ever happened to the old days when 4125kHz was the channel everyone listened to 24/7 on the west coast and in Alaska? I remember the very old days when it was channel 4A then channel 401. I guess the entire ITU channel tables are all now turned on their heads since DSC was introduced? I fondly recall Stephens model SEA 222 and the Icom model IC-M800 sets. They even still around?

DuBose and Drake were my brands of choice.

DuBose got their start converting old military surplus stuff. Their stuff was simple and bullet proof. The lower end Drakes were limited to 8 megs but were very good radios. Haven’t seen any in years. Icom and SEA are excellent. Many still in use. Most equipment I’d seen in the new-builds before I retired were canned Furuno GMDSS packages. I like the old Harris equipment. I have a 30 year old amplifier that still works just fine.

Hello Guys,
thanks for sharing the good old days memories, I do agree with you guys that SSB was great platform that help a lot to the marine industry, Im a former believer that such a great platform should not die . the SSB radio with the DSC capability is a great media to comunicate with Land stations and vessels .
Myself , I still have my SSB on 2182.0 KHz , waiting for some ghost boat to ask for radio check !hhahaa.
If you guys has your radios ups and running I will like to try some HF comms .
My location is in the island of SXM, lets check distances and time and choose a Band .
Thanks again

You might want to check out these nets. Some are amateur radio: