LinkedIn for maritime jobs

Anyone use LinkedIn? I read where if it’s set up right, recruiters can find your profile,and have contacted guys about position openings. How do you do this?

I used it. I didnt get contacted by a recruiter but i was contacted by a Port Captain for a job.

I’m on it,not to look for a new job, But was referred to me from a friend. I don’t do face book so, its a fit for me. You can put what ever info(resume)you want. I was contacted by recruiting company. but that was all. Its more of a professional network.

It’s a good tool if you use it to your advantage. For example when I send in a resume I always place a follow up call a few days later. If I get lucky and speak with someone in HR or port captain or who every it may be I’ll look them up on linked and send a request. Putting a face to your name and resume after a conversation goes a long way in my experience. My 2c anyway.

Im on it and was contacted by a recruiter from an oil & gas company. Didn’t end up taking the job, I have a bit better fit where I’m at, but was able to pass on the opening to a friend (with the recruiters permission) that ended up taking the job.

I am on it but apparently nobody needs an aging qmed with a bachelor’s degree. They probably chortle at my profile while sipping Don Perignon and inquiring about one another’s champion race greyhounds.

I have never gotten a job through LinkedIn, but I find it very useful to find and connect with people that I have lost touch with over the years, and in some cases to find an “in” at a particular company.

I get quite a few contacts from recruiters, especially UK recruiters, but they rarely lead anywhere. It’s the same as real life, recruiters are looking for guys to propose to employers, so they can place someone and earn a commission from the employer. Employers summarily reject 90 percent of the guys that are proposed for one reason or another, such as being an American, not having a yellow fever shot, having HUET instead of BOSIET, or not having a full DP certificate, not being an academy grad, etc.

The only direct company contacts from LinkedIn that I can recall were an inquiry about becoming a federal pilot (they lost interest when they found out my age), and several offers to consider me for port captain type jobs. I don’t think that the HR or marine operations guys use LinkedIn very much to look for seagoing employees, but it seems like they do use it to look for managerial employees.

I have used LinkedIn to find good guys that I have sailed with before and hire them.

The more detailed about yourself on linkedin makes you more visible. I was contacted by a recruiter, and it was actually something I was interested in pursuing. Of course after repeated attempts to follow through he was never heard from again.

I have half a dozen recruiters from LinkedIn that contact me from time to time. Now that I think about it, there are recruiters that have produced firm job offers. I gave a couple of those jobs to my friends. I would have taken some of those jobs if the timing had been right.

The only recruiter offer I have taken came from Rigzone. The recruiter did a great job, and I actually knew some people at the company, the job sounded ok; I did it, but it wasn’t anything I’d want to do again.