Lifeboat fire

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Corfu cruise ship fire starts in lifeboat of docked MSC Lirica | Daily Mail Online

I don’t see any lifeboats on fire. But plenty smoke!

Looks like one enclosed survival craft and one lifeboat tender were destroyed in the fire which reportedly started in either of them.

It will be interesting to see if the 2003-built ship will be written off as a result of the fire due to the current market situation.

In 2015, ‘MSC Lirica’ was refurbished and stretched by 25 meter; as were the sister-ships in the Lirica-Class ‘Armonia’, ‘Opera’ and ‘Sinfonia’.

Insurance fraud! Fire in a lifeboat destroys laid up cruise ship. Please, give me a break, when I am locked up by Covid and cannot go out.

You need to earn a break. Don’t hold your breath.

Fire is out. Minimum damages:
MSC Lirica Fire Put Out, Minimal Damage - Cruise Industry News | Cruise News.