Lifeboat deficiency

PSA blast three companies for unspecified deficiencies in the conditions of enclosed lifeboats and evacuation procedures on 22 offshore oil rigs under Norwegian flag, or working in Norway:

From the text, it sounds like a single shortcoming found on all the rigs - it would be interesting to know how significant this singular fault is.

I found this news release from PSA:

The actual Norwegian language letter sent to each company is attache in PDF format.
The Nonconformities appears to be identical, with the addition of that procedures on the Songa rigs that has recently been added to the Transocean fleet had not been “converted” to the their system.

Reply was demanded by 23. Nov. 2018, but I cannot find any report on the replies.

PS> Hard to determine if there are any structural faults with the equipment, or if it is all procedural. (Looks to me like the last though)